“The mind when housed within a healthful body, possesses  a glorious sense of power”.                       Joseph Pilates


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body, exercise programme developed by Joseph Pilates during the early part of the 20th century.

Pilates exercises focus on proper alignment of the spine and joints, and moving the body in a natural and balanced way.  Pilates targets the body’s deep postural or core muscles of the abdomen and back in order to improve strength and support for the spine.  When your core (inner) muscles are strong and working efficiently they work together with the superficial (exterior) muscles of the trunk, and together they support the body in harmonious movement, enabling you to move more freely and with more energy.  Above all, emphasis is placed on quality rather than quantity of movement.

Who is it for?

Pilates exercises are low impact and can be modified to suit individual needs, which means that anyone can practice Pilates, regardless of age or ability.

  Benefits for everyday life           

  1. Improving Posture, Flexibility and Mobility

  2. Improving Balance and Coordination                                                      

  3. Improving Core Strength - can help alleviate back problems

  4. Strengthening and Toning muscles, without causing muscle bulk

  5. Improving Breathing, Body Awareness and Body image

  6. Improving stress levels and aids sleep

  7. Promoting overall well-being

What to Wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, which you feel free to move in; however If clothes are too baggy it is difficult to assess posture.  Footwear is not worn in the studio.


   Please consult your medical professional before taking part in any exercise regime if:

  1. You have any pain or discomfort

  2. Are recovering from an injury or surgery

  3. Feeling unwell or have any medical condition which could effect your ability to exercise


  1. Be kind to your spine and always chose an instructor who is properly qualified; this can easily be verified by         

    checking the register of Exercise Professionals (REPS).